Here’s the secret that nobody’s telling you…

Because they are working smarter, avoiding the content hamster wheel, and living life on their own terms… you know, crusin’ on their Pelaton, juicing their veggies and actually powering down the laptop in time for family dinner. 

They’ve learned the most freeing marketing strategy of them all…(shhhhh *this* is the life-giving secret that no one tells you)…

...or 245,327 likes on a single photo (<—— actual number of likes on one of Oprah’s posts!). 

They use intentional marketing strategies to turn connections into clients because showing up authentically + cultivating *know, like, and trust* with a small tribe of your soulmate clients is more impactful than your broadcasting your message to thousands of disinterested followers.

This isn’t about doing more.

It’s about showing up with soul in the right way and in the right places. Communicating authentically and creating aligned content to share in ways that attract your soulmate to you!

You’ve been hopping from one shiny marketing object to the next but keep coming back to this… Must.Be.More.Consistent!

...but  you don’t have to spend all day on social media to build an aligned and thriving business.

Imagine attracting your soulmate clients, just by being the you-est, YOU, possible...

So, how ‘bout you sprinkle a little of that *magic* soul on your social strategy? 

and start attracting people with your magnetic, soul-aligned, siren song!

You could finally:

Put down the busy work (like trying to get the spacing right on your IG post?!) and fill your day with work that lights you up + actually create income for your online biz in the process!
Stop wondering if anyone is even listening (cue the crickets)... and build an truly engaged online community, who are hungry for the change only you can create in their lives.
Connect with soulmate clients + biz besties who totally get you and are joining in for meaningful, purpo(soul) conversations on the daily…
Turn your soul-aligned content strategy into income in your business... You won’t ever have to “sell” someone on working with you... they’re already magnetically drawn to you! 
Create soul-aligned visibility that allows you to impact the world + attract the freedom you've been dreaming of! that fills your cup so full of abundance your money mindset will be over-flowing!


  • ​You want to feel present in your life and grow your business online
  • You want the freedom to live life on your own terms and to have the time + financial abundance to enjoy it
  • ​You want to be yourself, but being consistent + showing up on social feels totally inauthentic… ‘cause you probably didn’t even have an IG account - or barely even posted - till you cut the welcome ribbon on your virtual business
  • ​You want to feel like you have time to build your business, but social media marketing is *just another* chore 

This isn’t just another cookie-cutter social media marketing checklist...

And it’s not providing 365 days of boring, inauthentic prompts... because you don't need that, either!

In 90-days of using the (IG) Story Selling Method you'll have a community of soulmate clients that can't to work with you!

That’s why I believe in the power of the (IG)Story Selling with Soul System.

I'm offering you instant access to my Story Selling calendar + strategy worth $297...

For only $33!

Here's the deets of this amazing value:

90 Day (IG) Story Selling Calendar 
  • A 90-day Editable Content Calendar... because having a plan feels safe, but being in control of how you show up means business!
  • 90 unique content inspiration topics to build your Story Selling muscles.
  • Show up fearlessly + confidently as your highest-self on video to tell your story (no more re-cording the same video over + over again!)
  • ​Call in your tribe + create instant know, like, and trust... all because this system let’s the real YOU shine through.
  • Stop feeling like you’re talking to crickets... because you'll have engagement tools + topics to charm even the most silent 'gram followers.
  • Know exactly what you have to do to show up consistently... without it sucking away hours of productivity because you got lost in the scroll trying to figure out the right thing to say.
This isn’t just another tool that’ll collect dust on your 
*digital bookshelf *
  • ​You’ll receive an accountability challenge that will earn you points with your audience (and me!), keep you excited to show up + enter you to win a prize every personal brand soul-preneur needs in their life!
Showing up can feel vulnerable! Until you figure out how to harness the magic of authentic connection online.
... because you didn’t get into this business to become an ‘influencer’ or the next ‘guru’ RIGHT? 

You birthed this business baby... to actually help people so you can change their lives for the better (can I get an Amen!?)

There's hope, I promise! And it’ll take you less time than it does for you to steep your morning matcha, sage your office, or smash avocado for your toast…

 C’mon, you’ve always been a dreamer that danced to the beat of your own drum... so why would you do social media any differently?

Here’s the ✨mindful + magical✨ shift I’m proposing when you experience Social with Soul:

Instead of staring blankly at your cursor wondering what to say... know exactly what to say and *how* to say it so that you can both show up fully as yourself (so tired of the superficial!) and magnetize your soulmate client to you.

When you make the switch you'll start doing less, living more, and building a thriving business that works for YOU while you're supporting your clients + community!

Take back you precious time...

Do less + live more, while also building your business [because the world needs you to shine bright without burning out in the process.]

Reclaim the power...

that comes from you being authentically YOU with aligned content [that takes your DM’s status from crickets to daily conversations with soul-mate clients + biz besties…]

Find the confidence...

to show up for yourself daily [it’s exactly the refresh button you need to be more visible, more authentic, and to show up with more soul]

Create the heart-centered business...

of your dreams [no more thinking your biz has to be one of those dreaded ‘S’ words: superficial, slimy, or sales-y]

Stop doing all.the.things, k?... because I'll show you the fastest way to build authentic relationships and grow a thriving business.

You can show up, share your message, and cultivate connections daily in 3.33 minutes or less!

This is your chance to feel confident sliding into your purpose (Tom Cruise style, even though it feels a little risky) so you can create lasting change in your soulmate clients’ lives while still being fully present for your own!

This is waaaaaaay more than a quick fix to get you on social media...

This is truly a better way to do social. 

Not only can you be YOU, but you can do it as you show up and serve more to your audience with less effort and so much ease! (Ahem...and grow a profitable biz in the process)

I mean seriously, what happened to the *INSTA* on Instagram?

I’m a service provider(just like you) and when I took my business virtual, it took me forever to share a video story of me casually chatting to my non-existent audience… 

I’d record + deleted + re-record, on repeat until I had something that I deemed less cringe-worthy as I watched it back…

I didn’t realize I was self-editing all the things that made me, ME!

I was afraid of being judged, worried that I’d have nothing to say, and feeling frozen unsure of how to portray the perfect blend of ‘polished casual’ with the added pressure of everyone watching… 

Hello, my name is Trish Taylor and I’m a former IG wallflower, a story lurker, too afraid to join the conversation…

That’s why I want to share my entire, Social with Soul System with you!

I told you I’m spilling all the tea on showing up authentically today...

Not only will you learn how to (IG)Story Sell with confidence but you’ll also get a suite of tools, training, and templates to take you from the sidelines to the spotlight!

So you can keep up with the Forleo’s, Porterfield’s and Wedmore’s but do it on your own terms…

Social with Soul Abundant Bonus Bundle includes:

Social with Soul Templates
Create a consistent and magnetic visual brand on IG that makes your virtual home pretty and connection worthy, and matches you and your personality. Oh...AND save your time and energy! You’ll receive specific templates and how to’s for:
  • STORY ICONS: save all the gems from your soul-aligned messaging with beautiful icons and how to’s for using story highlights. With this you can multiply your impact with literally ZERO work. (Trust me there’ll be gems in your soul-aligned messaging you’ll want to save for your tribe to find + devour later. These highlights are truly the hidden workhorses of IG!)
  • YOUR BIO: specific templates and how-to’s to write a bio that makes everyone want more of you and exactly what you are shining into this world, including one trick that is so fabulous it’s worth the $27 all alone! These will give you a clear way for ideal clients to view your mission, services, and learn more about you… 
  • ​STORY TEMPLATES: Done-for-you templates that are engaging and captivating and match the themes in your 90-day Calendar. 
Master Your 
Magical Mindset
Ever feel like you have to psych yourself up to even post on social? And if you get the guts to lay it all out there, you instantly regret it or feel like it definitely could have been better? What if I told you your soulmate clients would rather get to know the real you…

That all you have to do is show up, follow the calendar prompts, and be yourself…(I know, that feels easier said than done, right?)

But here’s the thing: your business will only go as far as your mindset will allow. 

That’s why I’m setting you up for *massive* and *abundant* success: giving you my proven tools to calm any business anxiety and ease your busy mind. 

This means meditations: affirmation practices, journaling prompts and a stash of inspirational swipes...all to remind you of just how worthy you are of being seen and heard. Because the world needs exactly what you have to offer.
  • Affirmation practices
  • ​Journaling prompts and 
  • ​A stash of inspirational swipes and a gorgeous virtual deck
...all to remind you of just how worthy you are of being seen and heard. Because the world needs exactly what you have to offer.
Tiny Audience + Big Engagement
Don’t let your stories go unnoticed. There is no better time to call in your ideal clients but they won’t all come floating in at once… building your reach takes aligned action but it doesn’t have to add tons more time to your weekly screen report!

Learn how to collab like a pro with:
  • Pitch Templates
  • ​'How' to/'Who to' Collab with Trainings
  •  Learn how to find the right niche to make friendships that will serve your business and theirs!
Aligned partnerships are the fastest way to gain traction with an already established audience who is ready and primed to dive right into your world! pitch templates, 
Techie How-Tos, Tutorials, and Tools… OH MY!
No more overwhelm or getting bogged down in all the techy details...the nitty-gritty that often keeps soul-preneurs STUCK and spinning their wheels instead of showing up. 

In this bonus I pull back the curtain to demonstrate the ‘How-Tos’ of IG Stories from A-Z! 
  • Applying Filters
  • ​Uploading Templates
  • ​... Plus using tech outside of IG to improve your results on the 'gram (like Canva + Lightroom)
Connections to Clients
Have you ever felt sooooo weird sending someone a direct message...maybe even felt like a little (or a lot) creepy sending an out of the blue DM to an ideal client? 

Yeah, me too! It felt all kinds of off… I’d like to propose something a little different.

You’ll receive DM templates and editable scripts to support and nurture your soul-sisters into saying YES, to whatever you are offering!

You are doing the work to show up authentically - don’t let that spark of connection fizzle. 

This training gives you exactly what you need to build connection, nurture *real* relationships, and eventually, turn those into paying clients with ease.

Soul Aligned *To Be* Checklist
Did I mention I can see the future? 

Because I already know this is going to help you go from a human(doing) *back*into a human(being)...

Something that can feel hard when you’re constantly on the hunt for the next client and watching your bank account slip away as the full moon rises.

This refreshing *to be* approach alleviates just another *to do* from your list.

Instead offering a daily practice checklist so you can step into the soul-preneur you truly want to be: living a full and meaningful life, embodied and authentic, even when you aren’t exactly sure of the how.

Ready to start attracting your soulmate clients?

Get access to the entire Social with Soul System for only $33!

You could have the most incredible service, story, or content ever but if your post keeps getting lost in the wacky algorithm, the 'gram starts feeling like a really time-consuming hobby, amiright?

But if you spend 3.33 minutes a day on your IG stories...

 You instantly become top of mind and top of IG… seriously your profile sits right at the top of the IG Home screen just screaming to be watched!

Know what happens next?

Once your soul-sister gets a little taste of who you are + what you do… they click to your profile to snack on more and that’s how you play to win the algorithm game.

So why can you just suck it up and film the darn story… because there’s a lot that’s bubbling up just beneath the surface.

I know because I’ve been there too.

Hey Soul-sister! It’s nice to officially meet ya! 

I’m Trish Taylor.
...former stylist to the stars, rain-lovin’ California girl, unapologetic introvert, enneagram 2 (recovering 3), and gluten-free, chocolate chip cookie aficionado.

I am uniquely qualified to coach you on this journey because I’ve been in your shoes and learned how to embrace my gifts and get visible (at the most vulnerable time of my life) as a counselor, stylist, and former internet shy girl…

I don’t just teach this...I actually do it. I use this EXACT system for myself and my client to increase their visibility (and their profitability!). 

I’m not just repeating what the latest influencer is doing or guru is teaching.

For the longest time, I wasn’t comfortable showing up with my truest, Trish-est personality.

I mean, I’d lie awake thinking about how…

  • I felt fat (I was 60 lbs lighter than I am now), and truly felt unworthy in my body…
  • ​I was *so* uncomfortable with any kind of attention (I’m an introvert to the core!), but I knew that VISIBILITY was a key piece of my success puzzle…
  • ​I felt like a fraud, who cared about my story…
  • ​I was terrified of posting on social media, forget about video, wouldn’t everyone judge me for it... (not to mention, I was my own worst critic)

But I knew that to make a powerful shift, I had to summon all.the.courage to start using my voice – and start showing upas ME!

So I said goodbye to my celebrity client list, stopped hiding behind the scenes of my business and started creating content + serving from the heart.

And that's when I noticed a shift.

All of a sudden...

  • I started attracting my ideal clients (soul-aligned entrepreneurs who wanted to feel more confident too)...
  • ​I could create aligned offers *because* my audience became more specific and in line with who I wanted to serve (I created a signature method!)
  • ​I kicked my negative self-talk out the door and only let in the California sunshine (buh-bye, self-sabotage!)
  • ​I grew my sisterhood of entrepreneurs who have helped propel me towards success…

All because I recognized that in order to truly help the people I wanted, I needed to be rooted in a body that I loved and showing up as the real, me.

And now I’m a confident, passionate, visible entrepreneur and I’m rocking Instagram stories daily!

So, while my days of choosing bling for Ariana Grande’s outfit at the VMA’s are behind me…

I’m rolling out the digital red carpet just for YOU!

Because I know what it’s like to feel stuck + uncomfortable with how you present yourself to the world…

And I also know that in order to amplify your brand message, creating your unique visibility plan is a powerful part of the equation…

While it's *partly* about the way you show up, it's *mostly* about the way you feel when you’re doing it!

That’s why I created the Social with Soul System because I’m proof that you can feel confident on camera, build your business and it’s 111% possible to both, stay present, enjoying every the moment + build an aligned business that generates financial security and freedom.

 And I want you to have that too!

Plus, I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. I’m a small business owner just like you. 

You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that’s not the whole enchilada.

But friend, I’ve got you covered + I’m extremely proud of the products and support I created here and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase! 

Trust me, I want to see you do your happy dance on IG Stories!
That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that the calendar will quadruple your IG engagement, followers, or dollar bills, I can guarantee you’ll love the quality of the calendar + your Social with Soul System bonuses and know it will save you time and stress.
Of course, If you’re not happy with the IG Story Selling Calendar, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

Are you utilizing this free marketing platform to its full potential? 

Using intentional marketing strategies + blending a sweet little dose of mindful daily practice will give you the freedom to show up as you are (wherever you are)!

And it'll feel more natural than slipping into an Epsom salt bath surrounded by your fave scented candles while doing it.

  • CONFIDENTLY share your new offer or services with an engaged following who is ready to do the work with you!
  • ​Know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it to get your audience to join you in the conversation…
  • GROW your business while having time to live every moment of your precious life. 
  • GENERATE REVENUE and have a bigger IMPACT in less time.
  • ​Be ALIGNED with your message and take inspired action to shout it from the internet rooftops.
  • ​Live in ABUNDANCE, stop second guessing yourself, and start attracting people who want to work with YOU!
  • ​Show up AUTHENTICALLY to serve and be yourself online - no more stock images or boring online ‘small talk’...
What if I'm not tech-savvy?
That's EXACTLY why I've included all the tools + tutorials for the Social with Soul System. The only tech you need to speak right now is… how to log in and learn more!
What if I can't commit to daily IG Stories?
Getting visible for your business is like eating healthy - you don't need an all or nothing mentality… as long as you are showing up consistently you are still building soul-aligned engagement. But I will just say, it becomes a fun conversation you’ll enjoy having on a daily basis when you have the system to make it feel easier!
How do I actually make sure I do this?
This system includes a calendar with content inspiration built-in… all you have to do is show up for 3.33 minutes a day and vibe off of the daily action item! 
What if I just can't do it on my own?
Don’t worry I’ll give you a hand up sister! When you commit to doing Social with Soul you’ll be invited to join me for a visibility challenge to kick start your goals with a little accountability + a lot of fun!

What if I'm more of a Facebook fan?
Well, my friend if this is for your biz… it’s less about our personal preferences and more about where our soul-mate clients might be hanging out. But you’ll find awesome inspiration to craft heart-centered content (post, lives, or blogs), no matter what platform your peeps are on!

When do I get access to the files and membership area?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos ready and waiting for you to binge + implement.

What if I just need more practice?
Ok, I totally get that. Sometimes we have to start small and that is perfect too. And sinceI’ve felt the exact same way it was really important for me to include daily mindset + confidence bonuses for you to boost your interest in jumping into the deep end...because your message *needs* to be heard! Come on in, beautiful friend… the water's fine.

What if I decide this isn't for me?
I’m obsessed with making sure you LOVE this system. But I get it...during times like these, any investment might make you think twice. So I am taking away any and all risk! If you buy this system - plus all the bonuses - today, you are 100% covered by my 14-day money-back guarantee. 
All I ask today is that you give it a try and see how effective it really is. You have nothing to lose…(and a beautifully aligned business to gain!)

What if I need help from a professional?
You're in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, branding, and would love to help you dive into more personalized work if that's what you need! I'm easily reached via email at
Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels in that analysis paralysis? 

Use the Social with Soul System to take back your freedom and build a truly aligned + wildly successful business starting today!